Though Tupac Shakur has been dead and gone for quite sometime he remains an icon in the hip hop industry. He was a thought provoking rapper with a dark aura lingering above which added even more to Tupac Shakur‘s allure and wit. Now in 2011 a sex ape from the 90’s, 1991 to be exact has surfaced, exactly 20 years later!

Once again the late rapper though not here per se, is causing an uproar with his sex tape from the 90’s which features a never heard or released song! In fact he’s singing and dancing along to this song as he wears his pants down to his ankles for he’s receiving some oral pleasure from one of the groupies in the house party this sex tape takes place in. He also, manages to smoke a spliff and dangle his drink on his other hand, all this while dancing, singing and getting a blow job.

If he wasn’t tied up enough he strikes up a conversation with Money B from Digital Underground, mean while this champ of a groupie is going at it like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone and there mother is just dying to take a glimpse at Tupac Shakur‘s sex tape.

To top this surprising and intriguing news there’s speculations that there might be a second Tupac sex tape, since the first sex tape that hasn’t yet flooded ends as Tupac looks ready to finally give this groupie a pounding!

The suspense is grand as well as the anticipation. Not only do we want to check out this scandalous blow job in the sex tape but there is new Tupac tune! Life is grand after all.

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